Periodos de tiempo en posiciones encorvadas

Do you know how to avoid long periods of time in stooped positions?

Periods of time spent in stooped positions are the number one cause of back, neck and shoulder pain for people who visit Nordicfysio. Sitting is a habit that each of us does every day and we don’t do it well. We sit an average of nine hours a day, and that’s not even taking into account the time we spend lying down. We will talk about periods of time in stooped positions. Surely you are sitting while reading this post.

Think about it for a few minutes and see what your day is like, are you really active on a daily basis?
Almost every activity we do revolves around sitting, whether it’s driving, eating, working, watching TV or even resting. Don’t worry, we do it too.
If you’re nodding your head and you’ve said yes to some of the above, you could be at risk for health problems, all because we sit too much.

Have you ever noticed your back and shoulders tight and sore when you’ve been sitting most of the day?

You may have that familiar feeling of wanting to stretch and massage your shoulders. Well… there’s a reason for that.

Sitting causes the shoulders to hurt and be tight, because we often sit in a hunched position and roll our shoulders forward. Over time, this can overload the back and neck, causing them to tighten up… which, as you know, is not a good feeling.
If you work in an office, you probably have your neck in an unnatural position. Even just spending a little time sitting, you can reduce your body’s ability to burn fat by as much as 90%, as you slow down your metabolism. This reduces the amount of good cholesterol in your body, which could eventually lead to problems such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

How can I relieve shoulder pain when I am sitting?

It’s very simple… All you have to do is relax your shoulders, raise them up to your ears (almost as if you were shrugging your shoulders), pull them back to stick your chest out, lower them back down and let them relax slightly forward.
This is a much better position for your shoulders, especially if you work in an office and sit for long periods of time.
Sitting for long periods of time in a hunched position is the number one cause of back, neck and shoulder pain for people who visit Nordicfysio.

Learn to improve your posture and avoid periods of time in stooped positions

You don’t create a habit without an initial conscious effort. Apply it to your posture. Every half hour, sit up straight and take a deep breath. Again, this will improve the amount of oxygen getting into your body and may even make you feel more energized.
So…how bad is it to sit?
It comes down to the fact that everyone does it a lot, so it must be okay for me to do it too.
Standing desk areas are there to allow you to get on with your work, but they significantly reduce the impact of sitting on your spine.

If you have more questions, I encourage you to come to our Nordicfysio clinic in Punta Prima or contact us and we will see what the cause is and how we can solve it.

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