Nadar cuando tienes dolor de hombro

Is it good swimming when you have shoulder pain?

Swimming is one of the best habits, helping us to keep our joints flexible and muscles relaxed, but it good swimming when you have shoulder pain??

It’s great for your heart and lungs and, above all, it maintains your independence and adds social interaction to your routine.

But it’s also very important to vary your sport, otherwise shoulder aches and pains are inevitable. So our advice when it comes to swimming with shoulder pain is to always vary the type of exercise you do.

What you can do and what is also very important, it is possible to change activity within the same activity, that will help you to stay active and healthy and avoid shoulder pain while swimming. You can start swimming backstroke and switch to crawl, and then switch to breaststroke… This way you will do many different movements and exercises.

If you spend some time planning your swimming time, you will get more benefits. You will be able to focus on different muscle groups, to do different exercises that activate the muscles, you can also improve your balance and cardiovascular fitness. You will also be able to take care of your shoulder joints and give that repetitive motion a rest.

This way, your chances of suffering from shoulder pain while swimming will be greatly reduced. Also if you combine swimming and walking it will make a big difference in your health.

Most people normally associate exercise with running, biking and even walking. However, swimming is possibly the best way of all, because it is relatively easy on the joints and is unlikely to cause too much overheating of your body, as the cold water will cool you down. It’s easy to avoid feeling shoulder pain when swimming.

And here are some more benefits of swimming:

  1. You don’t need anything or anyone to swim, you can do it whenever you want.
  2. You don’t have to invest too much money.
  3. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that works every muscle in the body. That’s why many injured athletes turn to the pool to stay in shape while rehabilitating from injury. It is also a healthy physical activity for people throughout their life cycle.
  4. One of the biggest benefits of swimming, especially for people over 50, is that the buoyancy of the water makes it friendly to the joints of the ankles, knees and back because there is almost none of the stress or impact that there might be if you were walking or running.

If you have more questions, I encourage you to come to our Nordicfysio clinic in Punta Prima or contact us and we will see what the cause is and how we can solve it.

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