When we get older, an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Sport not only improves cardiovascular health and as well as bones and muscles, but also our physical and mental well-being. These factors undoubtedly increase our quality of life.

Going out, walking, moving, setting new goals … It is an excellent occasion to enjoy the company of our loved ones and discover beautiful places in our environment. That is why at Nordicfysio we are focused on physical activity to improve the lives of our elders. And we know the importance of being free pain to fully enjoy it.

Walking without pain, feeling safe, is possible when all details are taking into consideration, such as choosing the most suitable footwear.

How is the ideal footwear for elderly people

In fact, we should all have a footwear with some minimum characteristics, such as flexibility and ergonomics, to promote a correct posture.

In the case of the elderly, they must also comply these premises:

– To respect and promote the biomechanical function of the foot.

– To protect from external agents.

– To promote thermal comfort (avoid excess sweat, cold, humidity, etc.).

– To provide stability to reduce the risk of falls.

– Not to be made of plastic or synthetic materials, as they do not help to perspiration  and can cause chafing.

– Although they are comfortable, it is not recommended to wear sports shoes all time. It is better to use them only when doing sports, as they usually build up too much heat.

– Wide fit shoes are preferable, those that adapt to the foot and those with non-slip soles. In this sense, they must offer the maximum stability (if they are too wide, they can promote appearance of bunions and hammer toes).

– Do not always wear the same shoes, alternate them in order to let the shoes breathe and thus not to accumulate traces of sweat.

– Preferably wear shoes with velcro, laces or buckles. In this way, it can be adjusted effectively and easily to the foot.

– Make sure that the shoes have a good cushioning to avoid discomfort on the soles of the feet. The best for this are the soles of made of rubber.

– If insoles have to be used, take them with you when you put the new shoes on , as they have to adapt to the shape of the shoe.

– If this is the case, look for shoes that adapt to foot pathologies such as bunions or other deformities.

The perfect footwear for painless walking

The KYBUN footwear brand, created and manufactured in Switzerland, finally offers us some shoes with which it is possible to feel as if we were walking barefoot.  As medical partners of the brand, we understand well the autonomy and comfort that elders need and how important it is to keep on moving to enjoy in everyday life.


Its wide variety of shoes provide the following benefits:

– Possibility of relieving back pain.

– Muscles relaxation.

Posture and stability improving.

– Strengthening of stabilizer muscles.

– Increased of well-being when walking.

– Prevention to any risk of falling.

How are Kybun shoes like.

To achieve all these goals, Kybun has taken into account the needs mentioned above creating a shoe that:

It evenly distributes pressure: In conventional footwear, the pressure is concentrated over the heel and frontal fascicles (the part under the fingers), which, over time, creates calluses, points of pressure and tensions. With an uniform pressure distribution, it provides relief and protection.

– It has heel cushioning : the air chamber softens the footsteps.

– It is elastic and soft: Karl Müller discovered in Korea the properties of elastic soil in rice fields and how easy, soft and pleasant is walking on them. Kybun has managed to recreate a similar material with a multi-component polyurethane that makes the soles of these shoes very elastic and they have a high damping force and it is possible to walk on them without pain.

While traditional soles only feel soft on the outside (because the inner layers are stiff) these shoes  provide an entirely smooth footstep. This, in addition, stimulates an exercise of coordination and body position.

Foot Microclimate: The soles have an alveolar structure that, when stepping, pump a fifth part of the air into the foot space. Thus, a comfortable footstep independent of the weight of the person, creates a pleasant microclimate in the shoe.

It activates the receptors of the foot that are health stimulators. This is achieved with its flexible and elastic sole, which has a trampoline effect that allows the foot to perceive every nuance of the ground.

– They have a polyurethane sole with millions of integrated air bubbles.This provides optimal cushioning.

Many  people are already enjoying their shoes and  they offer us their

testimony on the Kybun portal.

Explaining how footwear has helped them gain confidence and improve their balance, as well as their knee and back pain have improved.

KYBUN shoes for every occasion

Its models include shoes for women and men as well as summer & winter designs, high shoes,  sandals …


Different models.  With a touch of elegance, like the Caslano , or very sporty, like the Surrsee for men. Versatile, like the Kyburnpark for women, in a beautiful white colour and very fresh, like the Sion White, or the beautiful Vernier Indigo.

To dress in an elegant way 

Of course, comfort has not been sacrificed. Your most elegant shoes still have an air chamber and ensure a perfect adaptation, since they are fastened with laces or velcro. Available models for women: the Basel Onyx, glossy finish, the Waltz Black, seamless and a wide variety of semi-open footwear.

High boots

For men, like the Matterhorn, and for women, like the Montana Anthracite. Many of them have lining at the ankles. They are perfect for cold days. They also have nice trekking boots, like the Rigi 19 Aqua.

Semi open

To keep your feet fresh without sacrificing style, they have several models: the Interlaken (for men) and ballerinas for women, such as Locano or the Luzerns.


On the warmer days, there is no reason to give up their exclusive cushioning soles and elastic and soft shoes. Their sandals stand out. Like the Uri for men or Dognae for women (also available in leopard print). For greater support, they have strap-back sandals, such as the Tessin for women or the Jura for men.

KYBUN shoes at the Nordicfysio clinic

Due to its exquisite manufacturing process and satisfaction guarantee, it is possible to buy Kybun footwear in our physiotherapy clinic.

These shoes are 100% Swiss made and meet demanding quality standards.

Nordicfysio is a medical partner of the Kybun brand and thanks to our experience we can give you personal advice in the acquisition of footwear that will exceed your expectations.

Contact us if you need some more information.


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