The Pold method is an innovative technique that we use in clinics in more advanced physiotherapy to treat pain, several injuries, ailments and diseases with maximum efficiency. In this article we will develop what are the most outstanding features and benefits of this therapeutic method and how it works, specifically, in chronic low back pain.


Characteristics of the Pold method used in physical therapy

 This novel method was created by Doctor Juan López Díaz in 1993. Since then many researchers and experts have confirmed their efficacy and its benefits, stressing that it is not an alternative treatment.

When injuries exist, the physiology of the body stops working as it should do it. This avant-garde method is extremely effective in addressing any pathology related to pain or alterations of the physiology and mobility of the joints. Whether patients have sprains, tendinitis, impingements, scoliosis, or herniated discs, such as if they present, for example, osteoarthritis or muscular overload,  with its application, you will get noticeable improvement.


What is the Pold method? 

This modern system consists of making oscillating movements in the soft tissues, such as muscles, joints, or tendons, that are affected. After optimal relaxation, these tissues will change their metabolism and will release joint mobility. From that moment on, we will implement different smooth maneuvers to readjust the positions, articulate and regenerate the area that is affected.

With this, we manage to reduce inflammation and discomfort, and, after performing the corresponding sessions, we will resolve the injury that caused the

condition with successful results. In most cases, patients  usually need between three and five sessions. However, in the cases of chronic illnesses, such as low back pain or fibromyalgia, we recommend monthly maintenance sessions in order to maintain the effects and wellness achieved.

This manual treatment will not cause any pain, because it is considered a soft therapy. In other words, when we use it, we do not administer sudden maneuvers or pressures, therefore it is indicated even, for people suffering from fibromyalgia.





Treatment phases to achieve satisfactory results

This efficient and modern method is structured in three basic phases: evaluation, treatment and prevention and we must know them perfectly with the essential points of each one of them.

To determine the type of maneuvers or mobilizations that we must apply, first we must make a correct diagnosis on the problem of each patient, taking into account the triggers and locating affected tissues and structures.

During the treatment, the techniques of the method will be used as well as the exercises that are necessary to re-adapt and to adjust physically the client’s body.

In the prevention phase, we will carry out a protocol of therapeutic exercise, motor control and postural conditioning for maintaining well-being. In this way, the patient will not relapse into the same situation that presented when arriving at the clinic.


Preparation and care for the application of the Pold method

This method does not need a specific preparation, since it is performed carried through manual movements. After application, patients will not need any special care and will be able to continue with their daily activities without problems, but with the benefit of appreciating a significant improvement after each session.





What benefits does the Pold method provide?

It should be noted that the Pold system inhibits local pain and central sensitization, it eliminates contractures, it recovers joint mobility and, as a fundamental point, it recovers the functions that the client has lost. Thanks to exhaustive training, professionals are capable of creating an effect with visible mobilization from the first application of treatment.

On the other hand, if patients have inflammation or oedema, we will be able to lower them and restore arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation. In relation to calcifications, we will also be able to facilitate their reabsorption. In older people it is highly recommended for the smoothness of its application and its countless benefits at the physiological level and remission of pain.

One of the most relevant benefits is the acceleration of recoveries in rehabilitations. In this way, we significantly reduce the time to return to a healthy routine life without bothersome ailments.

This type of massage is characterized by including manual techniques that  do not force tissues. Therefore, in the case of post-surgical treatments it is also highly indicated.


Application of the Pold method in chronic non-specific low back pain

Many clients come to physical therapy clinics for help because they feel strong low back pain. It should be noted that many ailments of this type are generated by incorrect postural habits.

After different pain assessment studies, professionals have determined that the Pold method is above any other treatment, regarding the elimination of the degree of pain, after its application. Undoubtedly, the effect of the technique on the discomfort of the patients is above average, in relation to other treatments or techniques.

How is the Pold method applied to mitigate or eliminate low back pain?



The swing path will be done all over the back, in addition to press the sacrum against the rib cage gently and with the same movements, fixing the attention on the lumbar area and the pelvis. We will only use our hands to maneuver through the back and lower back, but without stopping the body oscillation for a single moment and changing the way of massage from time to time.

Besides obtaining full relaxation in the patients, at the end of the session, these ones will check how the tension and the accumulated load in this full area has remitted. Many people who have this distressful ailment, have already managed to alleviate the symptoms with a great pain relief. 

In conclusion, the Pold method is not only indicated for young people or athletes, but in patients of any age, being highly recommended for older people. We guarantee that its results are totally successful and we encourage people with ailments to request a personalised analysis to address their problem with this innovative and effective technique.

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