Elderly people have the experience of a long life. There are some keys to in order to have a healthy birthday. The stage that begins with retirement defines the beginning of a new period that offers objectives, projects and dreams. In this article we are going to share some personal care recommendations to enhance wellness.

How to age with health and wellness

Many older people transmit the happiness they feel at this stage to those that are around them. We are going to list some of the factors to take into account to promote this integral well-being through active aging.

1. The importance of exercising social skills

Companionship brings the joy of meeting with the loved ones. And it prevents one of the main causes of suffering in the elderly people: loneliness. Social skills strengthen the bonds that the older ones establishes with other people around them. By facts of life, they have already said goodbye to family and friends. These absences leave a huge gap. But in this scenario, new friendships can be born too.

This social encounter may have an intergenerational factor. This happens when the person not only receives the affection of other friends of the same age, but also a very special bond with their grandchildren is established, for example. It is essential to respect the decisions of the elderly people and to avoid overprotection or infantilization.

From an affective point of view, it is positive that they have some ties that are truly meaningful. Superficial relationships don’t provide the degree of intimacy that encourages honest communication. This support constitutes a source of resilience in overcoming fears and difficulties.

2. Continue learning

After so many years of life, we know that elderly people have a great wisdom, but also they have the ability to keep learning. Some of them even go to college to study a degree. Many others, in a clear example of adaptation to change, have learned to use new technologies.

Reading is also a hobby that fuels curiosity and reflection on human issues. The learning spaces, in turn,  offer fantastic social networking environments.

Therefore, it is essential to overcome the ageism that gives rise to negative stereotypes about aging.

3. Create a new routine and a life project

The end of professional life marks a significant turning point. Although the elderly people have more free time, they also have to decide what they want to do now. And this is a personal search process that gives rise to a new way of planning days. Many decide to volunteer, to travel, to go to the movies, or to develop a creative hobby.

Why is it so important to create a new routine as we age?

Because it is convenient to turn the page of the previous time and to close this chapter with gratitude. It is essential to keep the mind active. Searching activities that serve to train and nurture our cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, reasoning, etc .

This creation of a new routine involves making decisions that help concretize the  life project in a conscious way. After so many years of occupations and responsibilities, enjoyment is an ingredient that should be enhanced at this stage.

4. Physical activity

The exercise should always be adapted to the situation and needs of each individual. Walking is a frequent activity. This practice, in addition, promotes the  contact with nature. This experience not only enhances the physical well-being, but also the soul.

For example, through these walks, the elderly people can practice their skills by greeting other neighbours who walk around the place, enjoy the daylight and break the routine of being at home. Physical activity reinforces autonomy. And this is a substantial ingredient in the quality of life.

5. Follow-up in healthcare

Beyond age, each person’s circumstances are different in old age. Therefore, the visit to the doctor and attention to the indications given by the specialist are essential questions. It is a professional who also listens and accompanies.

This health care is comprehensive, since the elderly cannot only have a physical ailment, but also an emotional suffering. No desired loneliness or mourning the death of the partner are experiences that affect at the emotional level.

6. Healthy habits in seniors

Other aspects that we must consider in the context of this new routine are those   habits related to well-being. In this sense, maintaining a healthy diet is essential in this period, as well as establishing rest schedules.

7. Adapting the home to your needs at this stage

We do not only have to promote well-being from the points of view previously described, but we must also analyze the space in which we live. Many people take the opportunity to carry out reforms in their home when they retire in order to implement the corresponding improvements.

In this way, they adapt the bathroom and other rooms to their current needs. Changing the bathtub for a shower, dispensing with the use of carpets or rearranging the storage space so that everything is within our scope, are some of the most frequent modifications. Thanks to  this type of works, we can continue to enjoy life at our home.

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