¿Why you haven’t cure from sciatica yet?

You may have experienced that the doctor prescribed you a lot of medications to ease the nerve pain and you have gone to many therapists to get your sciatica or nerve pain fixed without sucess. They have treated you with massage, heat or other techniques like quiropractic or acupuncture but you still are in pain. If this is your case, I want to tell you that you are not the unique person. There are many people out there with the same problem. But the good news is that this can be fixed! We have spent many years treaten sciaticas and getting the knowledge and learning the right techniques to solve this annoying and disabling problem.

To get fixed form sciatica it is important to take into account something that most of the clinics don’t do: treat the problem by going to the root of what is causing the pain.

-Medicines will may ease the syntoms, and will mask the problem and toxic your body;
-Massage will not work
-Quiropractic may be of help, but will need constant and regular treatment for good;
-Acupuncture may be of help, but will not treat the cause of the problem (nerve compression);
-Traditional Physiotherapy will work on the syntoms, but will not fix the root problem…neather;

By understanding the cause of the problem (the nerve compression), we designed and implemented Sciatica Best Recover (BR) Formula, an advanced physiotherapy protocol that consist in:

Neuromodulate the nerve signal. The damage on the nerve. Throught reuroadaptative therapy.
Nerve discompression, using Pold method.
Using of our repairing oil for tissue and nerves
Postural hygiene exercises, to temporarily relieve compression until total recovery.

If you have more questions, I encourage you to stop by our Nordicfysio clinic in Punta Prima or contact us and we will see what the cause is and how we can solve it.

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